Blanchiment sur fauteuil avec lampe

POWER WHITENING YF with 40 % hydrogen peroxide (mixed 32 %) is suitable for medical whitening of strongly discoloured teeth. Application 3 x 15-20 minutes in one session. Reasons for such discoloration of enamel and dentin can be illness, injury, medical treatments or excessive penetration of colouring substances. These cases require special medical measures to restore a healthy appearance of the teeth. POWER WHITENING YF can be used for whitening of one or more teeth or parts of a tooth, including the intracoronal bleaching of endodontically treated non-vital teeth.

The application is only allowed in the dentist’s office with a medical indication for patients older than 18 years of age.



• POWER WHITENING YF Gel in 2,5 ml-dual-chamber syringes

• GINGIVA PROTECTOR, light-curing, in 3 g syringes

• AFTER WHITENING MOUSSE for desensitizing and remineralization with a fruity taste in 3 ml syringes

Available concentration

• 40 % HP (mixed 32 % HP)


• Lip retractor with tongue guard



The fast chairside medical whitening

Application time per session

PW YF 40 % HP (32 % mixed)

3 x 15 min (max. 3 x 20 min)

Number of applications

1 session